The programs at Skagit Valley Early Learning Center are all designed to nurture and encourage your child in all areas of their life.
We desire for them to grow, explore and create in directed and independent ways.
We believe that every child, from the tiniest one-month-old up to our 5-year-olds, learns through play and exploration. We want to nurture their sense of wonder and encourage their developing relationship with God as their creator and friend.
Each class will have age-appropriate play activities, learning opportunities, and personal care routines built into their daily schedule. Your child will play outside, eat meals and snacks, and take a nap or rest with his or her class. Our center-wide themes will allow your child to learn about a variety of subjects, including seasons, holidays, animals, Bible stories, science concepts, letters, social situations, and much more. 

1-12 months

Sweet Peas

The infants in the Sweet Peas will have their needs met and in turn, learn to trust. We will lovingly hold, touch, and cuddle them, making frequent eye contact and chatting with them to develop a foundation for trust and attachment.


We will be encouraging literacy and word development through playing and interacting with our babies. 


We will play with different textures, shapes and bright contrasting colors. Our babies will even venture outside for a walk in the stroller when the weather permits.


Music will also be important in the Sweet Pea room. Parents will be given a daily sheet explaining the care your child received that day. We want to come alongside parents to support you in caring for your infant.

2.5-3.5 years


As they work together, sharing and playing, our youngest preschoolers in the Caterpillar classroom will be learning constantly.


They will be encouraged to express their developing personalities through dance, singing, art, and make-believe play.


Your child will play games, listen to music and stories, color, make crafts, and play outside. '

The children will learn to use the bathroom independently.


Your child will develop their social skills by playing with their friends and learning to resolve minor conflicts.


The Caterpillars will explore the world around them and transform as they learn and grow. Caterpillars are not required to be fully potty trained to enter preschool.

12-19 months

Busy Bees

The young toddlers in the Busy Bees will indeed be busy with their daily activities. They will discover all the great things about the world around them by playing, exploring, creating, and dancing.


Your child’s teacher will help your toddler to coordinate all of the new skills he or she is acquiring, including walking, climbing, talking, scribbling, and using a spoon and cup.


Twice a day your child will go outside to play on the playground or go for a wagon ride with his or her friends. The class will also listen to stories and songs about the things going on around them and will learn that God loves them very much.

4-5 years


Our younger almost preschoolers in the Stars will be spinning around getting ready for kindergarten!


Your child will develop the social, emotional, academic, and physical skills and knowledge that he or she will need to be successful in school.


They will move through their daily routine with the freedom to learn, explore, and create. In this class, your child will have the opportunity to explore pre-writing, pre-reading, computer skills, arts and crafts, counting and patterns, dramatic play, music, dance, stories, science, sensory play, and games.


They will learn to respect each other’s differences and express their emotions in appropriate ways.

Their room will be filled with laughter as they play and learn together.

1.5-2.5 years 

Sunshine kids

Our older toddlers are Sunshine Kids, and they brighten everyone’s day!


Exploring and adventure will always be at hand as they navigate their way through their fun-filled day of learning.

Your child will learn to share, cooperate, and take turns with other children as they play together both inside and outside.


The class will have lots of time for active play, art, sensory activities, music, and dancing, pretend play, and listen to stories.


Your child’s teacher will also work with you to develop a plan for potty training.

6-10 years

Cool Kids


Our oldest preschoolers in the " cool kids classroom" will be enjoying educational activities as well as continued work in excelling academically.

Each child from start to finish will have a day full of fun and learning!

For our Preschoolers we have activities such as, Water Day

Bike day

Fun Friday's

and more!

We also provide kids with an opportunity to go to participate in gymnastics for 2 hours twice a week.